Enhanced Noise Cancelling Wired Headset #HS400N / #HS400ND

The HS400N/HS400ND is a professional call center headset for people who talk and listen for a living. Its built-in enhance noise canceling system assure call center agent can be heard clearly. It works best for most of the telephones with specific plugs.


  • Built-In Enhanced Noise Cancelling System, Getting Crystal-Clear Sound Quality on Both Ends Of The Call
  • Adjustable 300 Degree Rotatable Mictube, Best Experience for User
  • High Definition Receiver, Ensuring A Clear and Natural Sound Experience
  • Y Shaped Earphone Arm and Super Soft Ear Cup, Giving More Comfor



    Choose the right connectivity. All headsets are available for your desk phone or for your computer.

    Affordable & Durable

    Enhanced Noise-Cancelling & Most Comfortable

    Bluetooth Support